Cross-border eCommerce for China

Do you want to enter the Chinese market? Your first priority is to establish a suitable cross-border e-commerce platform for China’s imports that can earn RMB. Logistic is the most troublesome. Not only does it be legitimate, we also need to ensure customers to receive their parcel in the shortest possible time. Isn’t it difficult enough to build such cross platform?

Our one stop service can ensure you can easily enter the Chinese e-commerce marketplace. The system is connected to the Free Trade Zone (Example: Shenzhen, Fujian, etc.) warehouse service in the Free Trade Zone Area, and we will pre-register the products first. And then ship it to the warehouse. After receiving a customer’s order, we will send the relevant information( including logistic supply connection and data related to enterprise payment) in real time to all the parties above. We will inform the custom to carry out custom clearance; arrange delivery, monitor orders, and eventually deliver the product to the buyer successfully.

How it works?

One of our customers is a cosmetic group that went to IPO in Hong Kong. We have integrated cross-border e-commerce systems, company payment and storage system, and then connect to Chinese custom to submit the required documentation for custom clearance. This includes shopping orders in the platform, business order payment and logistic express orders. When buyers order goods on the e-commerce website, the system will automatically distribute the information and control the entire process from the supply chain to the buyers’ receipt. This will reduce human error and improve the overall shipping efficiency.

This platform is easy to operate, and can integrate various data. It can also research customer type, analyze buying pattern and behavior. It can improve the business efficiency and the frequency of purchase in the platform.